Chartering Services

Come dive with Captain HardHead
a licensed U.S.C.G. captain. 


Dive Sites:    

The Texas Gulf is loaded with artificial reefs posing as Oil and Gas Platforms.  There are also wrecks scattered about including the V.A. Fogg.

Trip Preparation:    

Suntan Lotion, All Dive gear (including weights and tanks).  The Gulf of Mexico can be bouncy, so it is advisable to take some sea sickness medication.

What to expect:

Lots of fish.  You will be pleasantly surprised as to how many Caribbean species hang around the rigs.  Not only will you see large schools of Snapper and Jacks, but you will also see Blue Angels, Rock Hinds and Groupers.  Then there is the small stuff.  It will seem like every barnacle on the Rig is home to a Goby or Blennie.

Water conditions will be from 40 ft. to 100 ft.  Even 40 ft. is good on a Rig or Wreck where you looking at something, not just staring into the distance.




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